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Noriega is a multi instrumentalist, singer and composer who started his musical career - as it's often the case for many - as a street musician. After the founding of a half-broken guitar in an attic, the adventure began. 

Today, Noriega has traveled through several countries with his music. Passionate about the diversity of sound possibilities, he has learned to play sitar, piano, oud, accordion, erhu, hulusi, guitar, violin, cello, bouzouki, tombak, bandir, darbouka and cajón amongst others.


Amongst the sounds and rhythms, his aim is to find universality in expression. Leaning on Schopenhauer's conception, which declares music as the only universal language, Noriega composes without imposing boundaries or preconceived standards to his music, nor searching for abstract technical perfection; for him it's the content and the intention which will lead to the structures and to the technical mastery. On of his critiques is that of the dogmatic attatchment to "style" norms, which are certainly a ground for musical production, but never the ultimate form of musical language; this would - in his conception - make it impossible to communicate with other styles.

Noriega has a Masters in Philosophy and Psychology by the University of Zürich and has written several works on the Philosophy of Music. Recently he has learned the art of luthery from master M. Steinauer.

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